About Us


At Advanced Aviation Pvt Ltd., we pride ourselves on offering our customers with high quality maintenance and logistic services. Advanced Aviation Services Private Limited, a company under Sinha Group was established to cater to the increasing demand of the growing aviation industry in India .The company envisions providing round-the-clock service to operations in India and abroad. We not only want our clients to be satisfied but we also want them to know that we are here to listen, help and advise


The company has a highly dedicated, experienced and technically trained professionals who are drawn from the retired/retiring professional with rich skills and dependability. The management of the company has vast experience in the field of maintenance and is making every effort to build and maintain an effective working partnership with each client. Hands-on experience, working with and for major airliners, charter carriers, air cargo shippers, international hub airports, aircraft manufacturers, government transportation agencies and financial institutions have enriched our wealth of knowledge and we apply this experience to each and every project we undertake, providing our clients with appropriate, high quality maintenance and logistic services.